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Service Provider Stories

The HomeFront Team is incredibly fortunate to have Dave, a true gem among us. His character is a masterpiece, marked by qualities such as kindness, generosity, integrity and an unmatched work ethic. Yet what truly sets Dave apart is his unwavering commitment to serving veterans and vulnerable Australians with excellence. He isn’t just a member of our team; he’s a wizard in our midst.

Dave’s dedication to bettering the lives of those he serves is nothing short of magical. He conjures hope, support and positive change wherever he goes. Now, you might ponder the conundrum of what to gift a wizard who seemingly possesses everything. Well, in recognition of Dave’s extraordinary abilities and the enchantment he brings to our team and community, we’re presenting him with a wand. Not just any wand, but a symbol of his perpetual power to make extraordinary things happen.

Dave, you’re our living wizard and we’re profoundly grateful for the magic you weave and the lives you touch. May you continue to keep the magic alive and illuminate our world with your incredible work!

Homefront does it with heart

Small gestures can make the biggest impact! Shout out to Homefront team member Nick from “Shine, Windows and Gutters” for going over and above for one of our Veterans. Brilliantly clean windows and a cooked pizza for lunch for someone who just needed a mate. We all need a mate sometimes, our HomeFront Australia team understands this. Well done Nick! This is just one way Homefront does it with heart