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Window Cleaning Services

Professional window cleaning conducted with the right products, tools and techniques only needs to be delivered once or twice a year to completely change the outlook from your home. HomeFront offers Clients the option of having your windows cleaned as a standalone service by your regular HomeFront Cleaner, or to have expert window cleaning conducted by specialist Service Providers who are dedicated to delivering this type of work every day – your choice!

Look through your windows, not at them!

homefront window cleaning

How we stand out

✓ All HomeFront Window Cleaners are vetted, friendly professionals and your satisfaction is guaranteed

✓ We only send experienced professionals who are police checked, supply all of the equipment required and are insured to cover any issues that may arise

✓ Window cleaning can be delivered to any home within your DVA entitlement


Things you may want to know.

It all comes down to the available funding. Sometimes the allocated funds are limited and we may need to reduce the scope of work. This will be discussed with you prior to executing the service.

Yes and no. DVA will only fund the cleaning of windows that can be accessed without a ladder. IE inside and out of the ground floor, inside of the top floor. That’s government policy. However, if you would like the externals of your second storey windows cleaned, we can include that, but there will be a gap payment for you to cover.

Our windows cleaners have techniques to deal with cleaning of security screens. We don’t remove them for cleaning as that can present a security risk to your property if they are not correctly reattached. However, this extra time spent may put us over budget, requiring a small gap payment. This can all be discussed prior to the scheduling of your service.

If you’re not happy, then we’re not happy! Make sure you let us know if you have concerns at any stage of your service delivery so we can resolve them. It might be a personality clash, performance, or timeliness of delivery. Whatever it is, we want you to be 100% satisfied.