DVA Services

HomeFront delivers professional, quality assured household services including domestic cleaning, mowing and gardening, solar panel cleaning, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, meal preparation and more, Australia-wide.

HomeFront expects high standards of our Service Providers and they don’t disappoint. The HomeFront team hand picks the very best Providers Australia has to offer, who share our core values of integrity, simplicity and community.

how to lodge a claim  for household services with dva

You may be eligible for DVA Household Services if you are unable to manage or perform household tasks due to an accepted service-related injury or condition (accepted under MRCA or DRCA).

Step 1: Submit a Household Services claim form

With the help of your GP, complete the Household Services claim form D9319 and submit to DVA at [email protected] or via post to GPO Box 9998, Brisbane QLD 4001.

Step 2: Receive an OT home assessment

Once your claim form has been processed, DVA will assign an Occupational Therapist to conduct an Activities of Daily Living (ADL) assessment on form D9353 via an in-home assessment.

Step 3: Await your determination letter

When DVA receives the ADL back from the OT, they will provide you with a Determination Letter outlining your service entitlement, frequency and duration. Once you have received this letter, let HomeFront know and we'll do the rest.

have you received a determination letter from dva?

Whether have received your Determination Letter from DVA, or you would simply like to know more, you can submit this form to us and we’ll take care of the rest. This is an interactive form that will allow you to submit all of details straight away so we can speed up the process, or send a simple enquiry. Either way, we will be in touch to discuss and confirm your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

If you have been approved for compensation for Household Services under DRCA or MRCA then your services are fully-funded. We take care of all up front costs and invoice DVA directly.

While all of our service providers are experienced, properly trained and vetted by us, we understand that sometimes you may need to change. You maintain full control over your services and can change your service provider at any time, for any reason.

Yes, we work with DVA, Rehab Consultants and Advocates on a daily basis. We’re specialists in this area. Our leadership and operations teams are comprised not only of veterans, but also veterans who are recipients of the Household Services program. So, we know what we are talking about.

Yes! We service Australia-wide and
will go where we are needed.

We provide any service that can be approved under the DVA HHS program. Even if it’s an obscure, rare service, we’ll make it happen for you to keep everything managed under one roof.

At HomeFront, we are proud of our exceptional service providers. They are all Australian owned and operated businesses or our own dedicated employees, are proven performers, and our Quality Assurance team works with each client to ensure your ongoing satisfaction. You can be assured that all of our service providers have been trained, are Police checked, ASIC registered, utilise Quality Assurance checklists and are professionally and efficiently managed by us in every aspect.