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If you are in the business of providing excellent home services, love having the same great Clients week-in, week-out, and get a buzz out of serving your local community, then HomeFront could be great for your business.

A better way to do business

meet nick, one of our 1400 great aussie service providers

Nick from Shine Windows and Gutters has been a HomeFront Australia Service Provider for over a year, and is a valued member of our HomeFront family. Nick loves working with HomeFront because of our great communication, high professional standards, and of course our fantastic Clients and the way we streamline his work so he gets the most out of his day and business. It doesn’t hurt that we pay our bills on time and without hassle each week either. To be part of Australia’s most innovative, ethical home services delivery system, getting in touch below.

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what’s it like working with homefront?

At HomeFront, one of our mottos is “Who turns up matters”. We take placing great Australian Service Providers into the homes of any Client incredibly seriously. Whether you are a domestic cleaner, gardener, specialist cleaner, dog walker, in-home cook or almost any other type of residential Service Provider, you will find HomeFront innovative, easy to work with, and our business can form the bedrock of yours.

Keep the same great Clients

They prefer it, you prefer it, and it brings a renewed sense of purpose and stability to your business. HomeFront has some of Australia's best and most deserving Clients who you will get to know and work with on a regular basis.

Bills Paid on Time, no hassle

It can be like the Wild West when it comes to Aussie home services. Delinquent payers who constantly need to be chased up, frustrating disputes and disreputable practices. All of that evaporates when you work with HomeFront. We pay you directly, on time and without hassle, week-in, week-out.

Clear communication and no surprises

We have worked hard to make it easy for everyone involved. We never ask for or accept a cent from Service Providers, we schedule work with clarity and ease, and create relationships built on mutual trust and ethical behaviour.

what Do others say about us?

HomeFront is innovative, easy to work with, and our success is measured by trust and life-long relationships with Clients, Service Providers, Allied Health Practitioners, Government and Non-Government Organisations, and Australian Registered Charities.

In our time as a provider, we have seldom come across an organisation that goes to as much effort as what the team at Homefront do for their clients. They are like a well-oiled machine in what they do, everything to the letter, with excellence and then some.

Bek Daley, Founder & Owner of IH8Cooking

Always great to work with this company, they are professional, efficient and helpful!

Ericson Gustavo Da Costa, Owner, Hoffman Cleaning Services

Highly recommend HomeFront! The service is really next level because of the vetting process which makes sure they send the best people out to get the job done professionally, no hassles. I've also been able to meet the leadership team, and can vouch for their ethics, integrity and genuine desire to provide massive value - not only to their customers, but also their team and vendors.

Sanjay Shah, Owner, Visionary Digital Studios

I have been helping the team at HomeFront with some of their customers. From my experience it is hard to find a company to work for that are this organised and has such a high level of communication and transparency with both myself and the customer.

I have noticed that they go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy with the service they provide. Every job that I have done for them has been inspected by the owners to be sure it is up to their high level of expectation.

Stephen Johnston, Owner,

Interested in joining forces? we’d love to get to know you.

At HomeFront, no relationship is one-sided. We expect you to provide great services to our Clients, and we make sure you are respected and looked after. We don’t ask for or accept payment from Service Providers, we prioritise work based on your capacity and performance, and keep everything from scheduling to transactions hassle-free. See how easy it is by completing an enquiry form – it could be the best move you make for  the stability and security of your business this year.


No. We don’t charge you anything to be one of our Service Providers. We pay you at a previously agreed rate and all we expect from you is a high level of service. That means good communication at all times and provision of excellent service to our clients.

No. You can decide to cease working for us at any time. However, if you’ve accepted a work order from us we expect you to deliver the service as per the agreed terms prior to your exit. We also appreciate a heads up prior to you moving on.

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with. We believe our 1400+ service providers would agree with that. We send you work orders on a regular basis meaning no cost of customer acquisition for you. We’ve been dealing with small businesses for years, so if you’re just starting out or want to grow your business, get in touch with our team and we can share our knowledge and send you some work.

We pay Service Provider invoices every week. Funds are released from our bank every Thursday and Friday. So as long as you’ve submitted your invoice/s by Monday 9am that week, you’ll be paid on that Thursday or Friday. If you miss the cutoff, you’ll still be paid, but in next week’s cycle.

We require all providers to have an ABN or ACN, Public Liability Insurance, a Police Check, and your own equipment.