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DVA Household Services

Household services are provided to minimise the impact of an accepted service-related injury or illness, and your ability to maintain your household activities, while reducing the risk of further injury. Services can be provided over a short period; for example, when recovering from a surgery; or an ongoing basis if required to support you through a permanent or worsening condition. HomeFront delivers the full range of DVA Household Services everywhere in Australia at no out-of-pocket expense.

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How we deliver DVA household services

We understand the DVA journey can be complicated, so we ensure your access to the complete range of household services is easy and straightforward. As Veterans, we have walked in your shoes and cater to the specialist needs and high expectations of our community.

HomeFront will take care of your remaining administrative challenges and provide support to keep your home healthy, happy and in good working order.

All your DVA Household Service requirements have one easy, competent point of contact and you have the power to easily manage schedules and change service providers online or over the phone. There are no contract periods for services, no payments to us (as we invoice DVA directly) and no service fees. In short; we make it easy and we look after you.

What Do our DVA household services include?

At HomeFront you are only served by our friendly, trained Australian employees and our reputable, licensed, vetted and experienced registered Australian businesses.

When our service providers arrive at your home, they work from checklists, ensuring a professional and consistent finished product. Our HomeFront service professionals will act on your needs, including helping you achieve your vision in the garden. Once their service is finished, your home will feel clean and in good working order so you can relax. Our DVA Household Services include:

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DVA Meal Preparation

How we stand out

Run by Australian Veterans, for Veterans

All services are managed in one place with one point of contact

No out-of-pocket costs as we invoice DVA directly

You have full control of your services, providers and schedule

Our extensive range of services can be tailored to your needs

Professional, vetted and friendly service providers

We provide other programs in addition to dva household services

HomeFront are experts in delivering Household Services inside numerous Government and sponsored frameworks, including NDIS, Commercial Insurance and as part of the Commonwealth Home Support Program.

Want to find out about our excellent Domestic cleaning service?

HomeFront are experts in everything required to keep a household clean, healthy and sanitary. Our Cleaners work off checklists and within our Quality Assurance framework.