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Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Experts say you can lose 20% or more efficiency when your solar panels are dusty and dirty. But you can’t just blast them with a Gerni and hope for the best. HomeFront’s solar panel cleaners are trained professionals using the right equipment for the job. Don’t risk damaging your panels by using the wrong techniques. Don’t risk damaging yourself by climbing on a wet roof. Let us take care of it for you.

Solar Panel Cleaning

✓ Your Solar Panels cleaned by trained professionals with the right equipment

✓ All necessary safety measures taken while working at heights

✓ Increase your electricity generation by keeping your panels clean and effective


That will depend on your allocated funding from DVA. The cost per panel for cleaning varies around Australia, from as little as $5 per panel and as high as $20 per panel. We always use qualified, professional solar panel cleaners, and we carefully balance that with cost. But if you’ve got 40 panels, it’s likely that your funding might fall short. This just means if you want all 40 panels in scope, there might be a gap payment.

Yes and no. DVA will only fund the cleaning of solar panels at the ground floor height. That’s government policy. Some houses may have split levels with varying roof heights. If you would like the panels on the second storey cleaned, we can include them, but there will be a gap payment for you to cover.

No, as long as we have access to a tap and the roof, and any pets are secured as gates may need to be left open while we move equipment.

If you’re not happy, then we’re not happy! Make sure you let us know if you have concerns at any stage of your service delivery so we can resolve them. It might be a personality clash, performance, or timeliness of delivery. Whatever it is, we want you to be 100% satisfied.