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Easier, better living for senior Australians

As we age, everyday household tasks can become more difficult – but this doesn’t mean we want to move to institutionalised care or become a burden on family and friends. Staying in our homes and maintaining our independence is often as simple as filling a small gap in our daily lives, such as having someone take care of the heavy lifting when it comes to mowing and gardening, or cleaning the difficult areas of our homes such as bathrooms, showers, kitchens and floors.

Fortunately, HomeFront maintains a large fleet of domestic care specialists. These are professional home service providers who have the tools, expertise and motivation to deliver these types of services to Australian residents of all ages and descriptions on a daily basis, including to senior Australians. Friendly, vetted, police-checked and up to the task, HomeFront service providers stand ready to deliver basic yet essential household services under the Commonwealth Home Support Program that deliver easier, better living to any senior Australian in need.

What is the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)?

CHSP is a government program that supports older people who are still managing well at home, but want some extra assistance, such as home help, delivered meals, personal care or home maintenance. The service is subsidised by government, with a small but manageable gap payment from you to ensure the best Australian service providers.

Many people use CHSP when they need low-level support. As their needs become more intensive or complex, requiring some case management assistance, they can be referred for a Home Care Package. HomeFront delivers a range of services under CHSP through our fleet of specialist service providers that will change the way you live.

CHSP Program

The basics

All essential services under one roof

We deliver residential cleaning, mowing and gardening, meal preparation and other services without hassle, with one easy point of contact for all.

Small gap payment ensures the best service

HomeFront doesn't cut corners under any circumstances, and a small, manageable gap payment from you or a sponsor agency ensures the very best services.

No administration or obligations

Our services are designed to set-and-forget without any hassle, but that doesn't mean you are locked into contracts or obligations with us. We let our services do the talking.

Who we are

HomeFront is run by Australian Veterans and members of the wider Defence Community. We deliver professional household services to every corner of Australia, including to DVA Clients, Commercial clients such as Bunnings, Hertz and Frank Knight, to strata communities numbering in the hundreds of acres, and to senior Australians under the Commonwealth Home Support Program.

CHSP Program Services

The CHSP offers a range of home and community care services and HomeFront specialises in delivering the following:

  • Domestic Assistance – household jobs like cleaning, clothes washing and ironing
  • Home Maintenance – minor general repair and care of your house or yard, for example, changing light bulbs or replacing tap washers
  • Home Modification – minor installation of safety aids such as alarms, ramps and support rails in your home
  • Meal Services – help to shop for, prepare or store food; meal delivery to your home.

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