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Lawn Mowing & Gardening Services

For DVA clients approved for gardening services we will work with you to ensure that you love your outdoor areas all year round with our seasonal schedules.

You can dial up or dial back how much control you want – from being out in the yard with the gardener to achieve your vision, to leaving it completely to us and simply loving the result.

Love your outdoor areas again!

Motivated gardening professionals with the right tools and experience will get the most out of your lawn and gardens with surprising efficiency. Straight edged lawns and soft green grass all year around will make you love looking out at and being in your outdoor areas again.

Whether simply mowing and edging, weeding and feeding, or conducting a full lawn restoration and repair, we do it all.

HomeFront offers a wide range of services available within the DVA Mowing and Gardening entitlements, including:

✓ Mowing

✓ General Yard Maintenance

✓ Lawn Weed and Feed

✓ Lawn Top Dressing

✓ Garden Hedging and Pruning

✓ Garden Fertilisation

Professional yard maintenance has to be experienced – it will make you love your outdoor areas again!

How we stand out

  • From sculpting hedges and rosebushes to slashing acreages, we deliver far more services under your DVA entitlement
  • Every HomeFront Gardener is professional, experienced, fully insured, properly equipped and motivated
  • Our seasonal schedules will get the best out of your outdoor areas all year round, we’ll take care of it all
  • If your yard is a jungle, we can combine multiple gardening entitlements together to deliver a full yard reset to bring it all up to a great standard, which is then easier to maintain throughout the year
  • Manage your mowing and gardening service schedule online or over the phone with our specialist staff – pause, cancel, scale up or scale back as required
  • Who comes to your home is a personal choice – with HomeFront you can change your service provider at any time, for any reason.