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Homefront Sporting Events

Reflecting on the ANZAC Day Shell Green 2023 T20 Cricket Match, we’re profoundly moved by the unity and remembrance that enveloped the picturesque Brookfield Showgrounds in sunny Brisbane. Families from all walks of life gathered, turning this event into a cherished ANZAC Day tradition. Inspired by the legendary Gallipoli cricket match, the day not only celebrated our heroes but also paid homage to Brisbane’s historical support for our ANZAC warriors. The event featured captivating historical re-enactments by the brave Mounted Light Horsemen and awe-inspiring displays of modern armoured vehicles.

Amidst the joy, this event held a profound purpose: every contribution supported Wounded Heroes Australia, offering vital aid to Veterans, families and children in crisis nationwide. Recognised as the “Lord Mayor’s Community Event of the Year” in 2018, the day stood as a tribute to heroes like Corporal Mathew Hopkins, symbolised through the ‘Corporal Mathew Hopkins Player of the Match Award.’